I am Alìta , an Italian artist. I was born in 1979.

Young women, often friends, have been the first subject of my photographs. Simultaneously, in 2002, I started taking self-portraits. Self-portrait soon became my artistic language, the means of research of my true identity.

In 2005 I obtained my degree at School of Fine Arts in Macerata. I also studied in the School of Fine Art in Rennes, France, for the Erasmus project. In Rennes, I learned to develop and to print black and white film in the darkroom guided by Professor Tom Drahos.

Later I moved to Rome where I obtained my second degree at the School of Fine Arts. Thanks to a Schoolship, I have been an Assistant Professor of Photography, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Chair Professor Andrea Attardi. In Rome, my research became more introspective. I started to take pictures to investigate the meanders of the city, its walls, its ruins, trying to immortalize that fleeting self, in the exteriors and interiors of Rome.

The Poetics of Cocoon

In 2011 I moved to Paris, Mecca of artistic experimentation and buildings in decline. My research became more feverish and restless. The inner self is outlined in the sharpness of the COCOON. The cocoon identifies my inner world. In this inner world, I should feel protected, but in reality, this shell is an impenetrable cage. This cage has crumbling walls, like those of old buildings. In this closed space, identity tries to find seeks its development and accomplishment…anguished research for a way out! That is why my self-portraits are, sometimes, indefinite and just sketched.

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